Turnkey Services

PROGEEN houses most if its services in-house and is able to offer complete turnkey solutions which include design, production, construction and other legal or documentation handling like permits, applications etc through various contract types like FIDIC etc.


Complete design solutions

Our design solutions include:

  • Architectural design
  • Electric design
  • Structural design
  • Mechanic design
  • Hydro-technical design
  • Fire-safety system design

Construction Works

Progeen is fully able to complete a variety of construction works such as civil and industrial buildings in reinforced concrete or steel structures. Infrastructural works, overhead lines, water supply systems etc.

Permits & Documentation Handling

The company handles and prepares all required documentation required for the building permits like environmental study, geological survey, land survey etc. After applying for different development or construction permits, the company will monitor all the processes until the end of the project.