About Us

Progeen shpk is a construction company which operates in Albania since 2013 in the field of construction as an investor, general contractor and EPC. The main values of Progeen are professionalism, reliability and high-quality construction including contemporary solutions in every project.
Progeen has successfully completed construction projects in the role of an investor such as Progeen 1, Progeen 2, Rainbow and IRIS Residences. It has also completed turnkey projects for international companies such as “FARA Association”, “All For Freedom”, “ALEAT”, “UNDP”, “Albanian Development Fund”, etc.
Progeen is currently developing construction projects as an investor with a total construction area of 123,677 m2 and other projects as a contractor.
High quality of construction is the key factor of the company success and the distinguishing element in every project.


Progeen shpk has in its staff over 180 qualified employees and an administrative staff of over 54 professionals who support operations daily on sites, design, sales and marketing, and finance.
The company supports its staff professionally, encourages innovation and cultivates human and professional values.
- 6 Architects
- 40 Engineers (of different specialties)
- 4 Finance Professionals
- 4 Marketing and Sales Professionals
The company has a technical staff composed of architects, site and design engineers and other auxiliary staff which allow the close support of all construction processes.
This allows great flexibility during the construction even in cases when changes or improvements from the original design become necessary.
Our in-house design team enables high efficiency in architectural and engineering design as well as close monitoring of all phases of implementation with all their dynamics.


Our work goes in line with the highest construction standards in power. Our company has successfully acquired the following certifications that apply to construction works as well as managing standards.