About Us

The company was founded in 2013 by a group of engineers with a vast relevant experience working in the leading Albanian construction companies in major infrastructural, industrial and civil projects. Some of these projects include: Tirana International Airport, Various Hydro-electrical Power Plants, various Prisons, High Tribunal of Serious Crimes and other infrastructural works like roads, overhead lines etc. In 4 years the company has carried out various civil and industrial projects both as a contractor and an investor with a considerable turnover growth rate.

Progeen operates in the construction industry both as a general contractor and as an investor in different civil residential projects. In four years the company has increased its investments portfolio in different projects within Tirana and has also been able to acquire important contracts.

The high quality of works is the key to its success and the watermark of all its projects.


Our work goes in line with the highest construction standards in power. Our company has successfully acquired the following certifications that apply to construction works as well as managing standards.